Legislative Updates

Legislative Updates
Legislative UpdatesFebruary 23, 2018

 Paper clip  Parent Letter AB10, AB699, SB54
 Paper clip  Parent Letter AB10, AB699, SB54 - Spanish

Dear Lemon Grove School District Families,

During the 2017 legislative year, Governor Jerry Brown reviewed nearly 1,000 legislative bills by the October 15th
deadline. Among the legislative bills that Governor Brown signed there are a few that we want to bring to your attention as they will impact all school districts in California effective January 1, 2018.

First, Assembly Bill 699 addresses Educational Equity: Immigration and Citizenship Status. This bill requires the Attorney General to publish model policies limiting assistance with immigration enforcement at public schools and requires school districts to adopt the model policies or equivalent policies. This bill also prohibits school officials and employees of the school district, except as required by state or federal law, from collecting information or documents regarding citizenship or immigration status of pupils or their family members. The bill states that if an employee of a school is aware that a pupil’s
parent or guardian is not available to care for the pupil, the school shall first exhaust any parental instruction relating to the pupil’s care in the school emergency contact information it has for the pupil.

Similarly, Senate Bill 54 references Law Enforcement: Sharing Data. This bill also requires the Attorney General, by October 1, 2018 to publish model policies limiting assistance with immigration enforcement to the fullest extent possible. Public entities, including public schools, will be required to implement this policy or an equivalent policy. This bill also prohibits, with certain exceptions, state and local law enforcement agencies, including school police and security departments, from using resources, money, or personnel to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes.

Finally, Assembly Bill 10 addresses Feminine Hygiene Products: Public School Restrooms. This bill requires public
schools maintaining grades 6 through 12, that meet the 40% poverty threshold to operate a federal Title I school wide program to stock at least 50% of their restrooms with feminine hygiene products at all times and at no charge to
students. This bill’s proponents cite that feminine hygiene products are medical necessities and are necessary for the
health and well-being of students. Our school district has begun adhering to this legislative bill by installing in all schools feminine hygiene product dispensers in at least 50% of the female restrooms on each campus. We encourage parents and guardians of our students to discuss this topic with your child if it will impact them and to the degree that you deem appropriate.

Thank you to our families for being such an important part of our learning community in Lemon Grove School District!


Gina Potter, Ed.D.
Deputy Superintendent
Lemon Grove School District
619-825-5608 wk