Heat Day Guidelines

Heat Day Guidelines
Posted on 10/23/2017

The District’s Heat Guidelines state:

When temperatures are at 95 degrees and above, the principal should eliminate activities such as running, jumping, and prolonged exposure to the sun.  Activities should be adjusted to reduce strenuous exercise.  P.E. classes should be held indoors.  Lunch should be under shade structures or in a classroom/building, with limited time given for free outdoor play.  EDP should be provided with a cool zone for activities.

When temperatures reach 100 degrees or over, all outside P.E. activities should be discontinued.  EDP must be provided with a cool zone for indoor activities.

On all warm days teachers and staff should be encouraged to remind students to reduce running/exertion activities and allow any student who complains of overheating to go to the office for rest and observation. With direct sun, certain areas of a school site may increase heat exposure, such as blacktop or concrete areas. Caution should be taken to observe all students for signs of overexposure. 

Below is the district's web link for "Heat-Related Illness Symptoms and First Aid":