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Extended Day Program Contact Information

E.D.P. Main Office
Office Hours: 6:00 am - 12:30 pm

Office: (619) 825-5600 x2655

Davina Hale, E.D.P. Clerk

Christine McKenna, E.D.P. Supervisor


School  E.D.P. Phone Number
Lemon Grove Academy Elementary
 (619) 990-2695
Lemon Grove Academy Middle  (619) 481-2854

Monterey Heights

(619) 417-0053

Mount Vernon

(619) 481-0836

San Altos

(619) 481-2147

San Miguel

(619) 481-2761

Vista La Mesa Academy

(619) 481-2762


If you have any questions or concerns or need to contact your child before or after school hours, please call the E.D.P. phone number at your student’s school to speak with an E.D.P. staff member.  We ask that you limit phone calls only to urgent matters so that we can keep interruptions to the program at a minimum.


If your student is present during the regular school day, but will not attend the E.D.P., please call the “E.D.P. Phone Number” at the school your student attends to report his or her absence.