After School Schedules

Extended Day Program
After School Schedules
The program includes a daily snack, homework support, academic, and enrichment activities.  The academic portion of the program directly supports the instruction occurring in the classroom during the school day. Course offerings at each site reflect the needs of the school and available funding.
  •      Examples of Academic Courses: Homework Assistance; English Language Development; Language Arts Support; Math Support; and Reading Support.


  •       Examples of Enrichment Activities: Sports League; Visual & Performing Arts; Gardening; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math); Health & Wellness; and Physical Fitness.

Please be mindful of the A.S.E.S. grant’s regulations that require the after school program to provide a balance of intervention and enrichment activities.  Academic support offerings as well as enrichment offerings will vary by site based on availability of funding and other resources. The E.D.P. will support and assist students with their assigned homework from the regular school day; however, the E.D.P. does NOT guarantee homework completion. 

The daily program schedule is posted on the Parent Board at each school site.