This year we will be providing an art program which will offer students the opportunity to explore different art mediums in addition to experimenting with various art tools and materials while engaging their creativity. Students will also be learning about art from different cultures and various artists throughout the year. We are very enthusiastic to be able to offer this program to the Lemon Grove students!

Michelle Lose has been teaching art to students in preschool to 8th grade for the past 20 years in Illinois. She holds a B.A. Degree from Aurora University and a M.A. Degree from Concordia University with a concentration in Visual Art.  Her favorite part of being a teacher is seeing her student’s enthusiasm for creating art. In her free time she enjoys photography and fashion design.

Chelsea Rubino has experience teaching art within primary, middle, high school, and college level environments.  The past few years she has been working with museum art education in Philadelphia and San Diego.  She has a Masters in Fine Art from PAFA, concentrating in oil painting and lithography, and is currently a practicing artist.  Both Michelle and Chelsea are extremely excited to be working with the students of Lemon Grove, helping them to discover a passion for art and creativity within themselves.