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Google Apps       Google Apps Learning Center Easy to follow instructions on Google Apps such as GMAIL, Hangouts, Calendar, Groups, Google+, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Sites!  
Digital Tools for Schools       Digital Tools for Schools Chrome apps, educational websites and fun tools to use in the classroom.
Google 101       Google 101 - This site is an amazing resource for EVERYTHING Google.  Use the links on the left hand side to access information and databases on Chrome Apps & Extensions, Classroom, Drive, Calendar, Gmail and more!
 100-Chrome-Apps-and-Extensions-1.png       Google Chrome App and Extension Database for Teachers -  Shake Up Learning has put together an extensive database that is loaded with apps and extensions for productivity and classroom technology integration.

LGSD Presents
Google For Beginners Google User Level 1      Google User Level 2
    Chromebooks 101 Blended Learning
Chrome Basics

Intro. to Gmail

Intro. to Drive

Intro. to Docs

Using Drive

Using Docs

Using Gmail

Using Calendar 
Using Classroom

Using Forms

Using YouTube

Using Sheets

Using Search

Using Groups

Using Hangouts

Chromebook Basics

Best Practices and Care

Settings and Signing In

Classroom Management

Basic Troubleshooting

Apps and Extensions 

What is Blended Learning?

vs. Tech Integration

TPAC & SAMR Models

Classroom Management

Web 2.0 Tools


 Certified Educator Level 1     Google Training Center 
 Certified Educator Level 1
     Certified Educator Level 2

     Curriculum and Exam Info.
Certified Educator Level 2    


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