School Bonds


General Obligation Bonds, or G.O. Bonds, provide an opportunity for school districts to raise sufficient funds to address facility needs. Typically these funds are used for modernization, new construction, expansion or re-design of programs, and addressing other facilities issues which often arise in school districts with older buildings and infrastructure. The sale of G.O. Bonds allows us to address projects like these in our own district. For this reason we are placing a Ballot Proposition on the November Ballot asking the community for support in the issuance of $28,000,000 of bonds.

To this end, the Lemon Grove School District has identified a number of maintenance needs as well as some opportunities to better serve students and provide for their safety and comfort. Besides upgrading ADA accessibility, we are going to improve auditoriums and play areas at the elementary schools as well as modernize the locker rooms and create fitness centers at the middle schools. Shade structures will be installed at all district schools, and we are planning to modernize the district’s relocatable classrooms.

As we continue to align our curriculum with state standards and provide for a more rigorous middle school experience, new science labs will be built at both middle schools. Lemon Grove Middle School will also be reconfigured to host a specialized program in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Finally, we are planning to construct a joint-use library/media center to serve all eight schools and the community of Lemon Grove. Although housed at Lemon Grove Middle School, library services at the shared-use library will be provided by the County of San Diego.

Proposed project list:

  • Repair and/or replace old and deteriorating plumbing and sewer systems.
  • Construct science labs at Lemon Grove and Palm Middle Schools.
  • Modernize relocatable classrooms.
  • Install new heating and air conditioning systems in District facilities, including auditoriums and multi-purpose rooms.
  • Upgrade and expand facilities at Lemon Grove and Palm Middle Schools to provide more health and fitness opportunities, including new fitness centers and locker rooms.
  • Make maintenance and infrastructure improvements throughout the District.
  • Make handicap accessibility (ADA) upgrades and improvements throughout the District, including restrooms, classrooms, and playgrounds.
  • Modernize and expand Lemon Grove Middle School to convert it into a magnet school specializing in programs such as science, technology, engineering and math.
  • Construct a joint-use library/media center for school and community use.
  • Reconfigure existing school sites to accommodate new programs.
  • Install shade structures at elementary and middle school campuses.
  • Upgrade playground equipment at elementary schools.
  • Enhance safety and security at the elementary and middle school campuses.
  • Provide funds to pay off the loans procured by the District to:

(a) expand the Vista La Mesa Elementary School (Certificates of Participation);

b) construct solar energy projects at Palm Middle School, Mount Vernon Elementary School and San Miguel Elementary School.