Tech Department

The Lemon Grove School District Technology Support Team is here to assist faculty, staff, and students with all your District Technology needs.  
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How to Submit a Technology Work Order

Simon Abejo
Director of Network and Technology 
Ed Hanlon
Microcomputer Network Technician
Fernando Martinez
Microcomputer Network Technician
Barbara Martinez
Database Analyst
Heather DeGeorge
Help Desk/Academic Intervention Technology Support Assistant
Network Technician Work Order Schedule 
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
LGA Middle
San Altos 
Mt. Vernon 
LGA Elementary  
Vista La Mesa
Palm (Liberty)
San Miguel
Monterey Heights
District Office
Special Projects

Academic Intervention Technology Support Assistants 
Heather DeGeorge
                Monterey Heights (Monday, Wednesday & every other Friday)
San Altos (Tuesday, Thursday & every other Friday)
George Muenkel
                San Miguel (Monday, Tuesday & every other Friday)
Mt. Vernon (Wednesday, Thursday & every other Friday)
Manny Aguilar
                Vista La Mesa (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
George Muenkel
                LGA-Elementary (Monday, Wednesday & every other Friday) 
LGA-Middle (Tuesday, Thursday & every other Friday)