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Welcome to the LGSD Tech Help Center
 For technical issues and on site support please Submit a Work Order, be sure to include your name, room number and as much detailed information as possible in order to expedite your request.  

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Google Resource Page

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Google Apps Learning Center

Below are links to some quick reference guides to help you with some common technology issues. 

 Gmail     Gmail (
How to Sign In
Reset My Google Password
Forwarding Outlook Mail to Gmail
How to Use Gmail
 Phone      Phone/Voice Mail
Call Pilot Quick User Guide
Accessing Voice Mail from Home
 Printers      Printers
Printer Trouble Shooting Tips
 Headphones     Headphones 
Headphone Troubleshooting Guide


Please use the links below to access Support Materials such as: 

     - User Manuals
     - Troubleshooting Guides
     - Tech Support Contact Information


Help Resources
Tech Support

        LAN School
Lan School

How to log on students
* Help/FAQ

Active Inspire
Active Inspire

* Help/Support 
Tips & Tricks
* User Guide


  Trouble Shooting Guide
How to Download Shared Resources
Google Classroom
Google Classroom 

Intro to Classroom
Classroom 101
Help Center

Live Help
ST Math
ST Math 
   *Teacher Resources          Class Dojo
Class Dojo
  Help Desk
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 Many computer issues can be resolved by properly Shutting Down
and logging back on to the network.

Shut Down
Proper Computer Shut Down Procedure
Shut Down
  Click on START StartClick SHUT DOWN
***Laptops - 
Wait until screen goes black then close the lid