As defined by California Department of Education, a Classified Employee is:

"an employee of a school district who is in a position not requiring certification. The classified staff data are collected in three subgroups with an individual staff member counted in only one of the subgroups. The"paraprofessional" subgroup consists of teaching assistants, teacher's aides, pupil services aides, and library aides. The "office/clerical"staff are the employees who perform clerical or administrative support duties, such as a school secretary. The "other" subgroup consists of the remaining non-certificated staff, such as custodians, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers. The numbers of classified staff members do not include preschool, adult education, or regional occupational center or program classified employees. The data are not collected in a manner that will allow full-time equivalent (FTE) reporting. (CBEDS SIF/CDIF)" (

Below, you will findinformation regarding classified positions and job descriptions.  Also,you can view the Classified Employee handbook and Classified salary schedule.

Classified Contracts


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