Community Use of School Facilities

How to Apply for Use of School Facilities: 

Organizations wishing to use District facilities must submit a USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES request form. 

The use form must be approved and signed by the site principal. It is then to be sent to the Facilities, Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation (FMOT) department for approval by the department Director, calculation of any applicable fees or charges, and assignment of custodial personnel, if needed. The Deputy Superintendent will review for final approval. 

Non-profit agencies/organizations must provide proof of non-profit status. Certificates of Insurance are required of any individual or organization requesting facility use. The certificate must name the Lemon Grove School District as additional insured for one million dollars. The certificate may be included with the facilities use permit or may be emailed or faxed to the FMOT office.
Facility Use Fee Schedule:

All use fees reflected in the following charges are based upon average hourly rates (including statutory benefits) for custodial service plus nominal charges for utilities associated with use and processing request. 


Commercial Use

Maintenance/Custodial Services (Minimum 2 hours):      

$60 per hour

$75 per hour

Technology Services (No Minimum):

$60 per hour

$75 per hour

Kitchen Services (Minimum 2 hours):

$30 per hour

$40 per hour

 Questions? Please contact the FMOT department at 619-825-5625.

 Use of School Facilities:

Board Policy 1330, revised 5/25/2004
Administrative Regulation 1330, revised 5/11/2004